about us

Innovation research for social change

The Institute for Social Innovation Consulting, ISIconsult, deals with the change of social structures.
Innovations are social phenomena of change. They are the result of processes in which deviant and different processes, procedures, practices and convictions have become more permanent.
Vivid intentions drove the change without it being certain whether and how these will ultimately be realized as innovations. Innovation as an intention provides a guideline for social change with respect to current conditions and alternative objectives.

Our topics

Design of sustainable transformation processes

Innovation of social structures as social innovation

Alternative consumption

Participation, participation and diversity in the organisation

Services & Products

ISIconsult offers research and consulting services for the understanding and design of innovation processes. With the research potentials of alternative practices are uncovered and possibilities of their implementation are examined and evaluated. The consultancy supports companies and organisations as well as political institutions in the development of sustainability strategies and the implementation of alternative practices. As services, tools and processes developed by us are adapted and applied to concrete problems.