Environmental policy support and promotion strategies to strengthen socio-ecological forms of coexistence and orientation towards the common good

Duration December 2016 – February 2019

Project Manager Prof. Dr. Jana Rückert-John, Dr. Birgit Peuker

Client BMUB, UBA

Cooperation Partner Leibniz-Institut für Ökologische Raumentwicklung e.V. adelphi research gemeinnützige GmbH

With regard to the task of a sustainable transformation of society, the question arises under which social and political conditions it is possible to promote a development in urban areas that is oriented towards the common good and socially compatible, and which potentials classical, but especially also innovative, socio-ecologically oriented forms of community living and community and social practices can unfold in this context.
The task is to develop a sound basis for the environmental policy cross-sectional task of strengthening public welfare orientation and socio-ecologically compatible coexistence. This includes, on the one hand, the development of support strategies and recommendations for action for environmental policy and of foundations for improved communicability of the environmental policy contribution to the development of a sustainability-oriented culture of public welfare and participation. On the other hand, strategies and instruments of knowledge transfer and competence building are to be developed that are directed at the (civil) social actors themselves and support them in initiating, stabilising and disseminating various forms of socio-ecologically compatible coexistence and social practices oriented towards the common good.

Birgit Peuker & Jana Rückert-John (2017): Potentials and challenges of community and public welfare for socio-ecological change Results of a representative population survey. Contributions to Social Innovation 19th Berlin: Institute for Social Innovation.

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