Interdependent gender aspects of the areas of need mobility, food, housing, clothing, community consumption and digitalization as the basis of urban environmental protection.

Duration January 2017 – December 2019

Project manager Prof. Dr. Jana Rückert-John, Dr. René John, Theresa Martens

Client BMUB, UBA

Cooperation partner artec Universität Bremen, GenderCC – Women for Climate Justice

In order to do justice to current urbanization processes in the sense of sustainable urban development, the inclusion of gender aspects is unavoidable. Insights into behavior and responsibilities, such as the unequal distribution of care work between the sexes, different income distributions, but also gender-specific consumption and nutrition practices are elementary.

In the project, gender aspects for environmentally relevant urban research are elaborated by means of a comprehensive, systematic literature research and evaluation. The analysis is structured along the areas of need mobility, food, housing, clothing, community consumption and digitalization. This will be followed by gender analyses of programs and policies related to urban development (e.g. Habitat III, New Urban Agenda, SDGs). The aim of the project is to develop research recommendations with a special focus on gender aspects in order to give impulses for a more target group specific urban environmental protection.

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