The Greening of Online Commerce: New Challenges for the Environmental Promotion of Sustainable Consumption

Duration September 2019 – August 2022

Project Manager Dr. René John

Client Umweltbundesamt, BMU

Cooperation Partner Ökopol GmbH, GVM, Corsus, Prof. Dr. Ralf Isenmann, Prof. Dr. Thomas Schomerus, Prof. Dr. Jan Ninnemann

Distance trade in Germany and Europe has been growing continuously for years.

Online trading is of particular relevance, as it is expected to grow by around 20 percent by 2020 and thus continues to consume considerable resources. The project analyses the ecological implications of online trading and identifies possible control options for environmental policy. From this, scenarios for the future design of online trade will be formed, recommendations for action will be derived and consulting services for the Competence Centre for Sustainable Consumption will be developed.

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