Completed Projects

Evaluation of the project „Alle im digitalen Wandel“

From June 2019, ISIconsult will accompany the project as evaluator until November 2021. … Read More

Social innovations for sustainable consumption – integration of consumer orientation and knowledge transfer taking into account sociographic options for action and information needs of private households

The project builds on the work and results of the BMUB- and UBA-funded research project “Sustainable Consumption through Social Innovation – Concepts and Practice” and extends it to include the perspective of consumers. … Read More

Potentials of civic engagement for ecological justice and socio-ecological renewal of society

The project aims to identify potentials and synergies for socio-ecological change processes in the classic areas of environmental engagement as well as in other areas of civic engagement, and to derive recommendations for promotion and action for their dissemination. … Read More

Support for the implementation of the National Program for Sustainable Consumption

Within the project, ISIconsult supports the implementation of the National Program for Sustainable Consumption as well as the associated competence center in the partner consortium. … Read More

Identification of sociological determinants of waste prevention and design of target group specific communication.

Waste prevention as a central field of action of modern environmental policy is at the top of the five-level waste hierarchy. Despite numerous environmental policy efforts in recent years, the per capita volume of municipal waste in Germany is rising. At the same time, the German population is said to have a very high level of environmental awareness. … Read More

Interdependent gender aspects of the areas of need mobility, food, housing, clothing, community consumption and digitalization as the basis of urban environmental protection.

In order to do justice to current urbanization processes in the sense of sustainable urban development, the inclusion of gender aspects is unavoidable. Insights into behavior and responsibilities, such as the unequal distribution of care work between the sexes, different income distributions, but also gender-specific consumption and nutrition practices are elementary. … Read More

Organizational and technical support for colloquia “Making Environmental Policy Fit for Transformation: New Basic Configurations for Applied Environmental Policy”.

The aim of the UBA colloquia was to support the exchange of experience and networking of ideas between public institutions, scientific institutions involved in applied sustainability and transformation research, and also within the Federal Environment Agency. … Read More

Survey on equal participation of women and men in management positions – Sentiment barometer 2016

The aim is to gather opinions on the “Act on the Equal Participation of Women and Men in Leadership Positions,” which was passed by the German Bundestag on March 6, 2015, and the status of implementation in the companies concerned. … Read More

Concept study on the applicability of Citizen Science in the departmental research of the Federal Environment Agency

The concept study aims to examine the extent to which Citizen Science is applicable in Federal Environment Agency’s (UBA) departmental research with a view to concrete examples. It will analyze the purposes and forms of Citizen Science that can be usefully applied, where appropriate, in UBA’s departmental research and in environmental policy as a whole. … Read More

Economic and administrative foundations of a possible public funding of non-technical innovations.

The changes in production and working conditions strongly emphasize the importance of non-technical innovations, which often cannot be supported under the existing technology and innovation programs of the federal government. Open user-centric development and implementation processes are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, the project aims at a decision-optimized determination of such forms and the public funding needs as well as funding measures. … Read More